Full Metal Player is the ultimate professional IPTV receiver for the 21st century TV broadcast. Satellite is expensive, less versatile and out of range for many nowadays TVs. Made on 1.2mm stainless steel, formated on 1U 19" rackmount and two digital audio-video 3G-SDI outputs (upto 1080p60). Made custom-brandable with a customizable dashboard.
Full Metal Player is a must have for everyday 21st century audiovisual professionals, where 90% of broadcasting is done by private or public network. You just need to connect it to the network, enter the URL of the broadcasting and press Play to start receiving it wherever and whenever you want. It allows almost every possible protocols for MPEG-2 and H.264 video: UDP, TCP, RTSP, RTMP, HTTP, HLS and much more thru Livestreamer. Compatibility with all kinds of multimedia servers: Wowza Media Server, Flash Media Server, Red5, Evostream, NGINX, and much more. Once connected, the green light will switch on and the SDI outputs will show the picture immediately. Once configured to receive, it is completely autonomous and does not need any human intervention to recover the stream, no matter it is a network drop, a broadcast disruption or a power cycle. You can use it on low-latency point-to-point connections (less than 500ms), or even on deployments with thousands of 24x7 endpoints.
Full Metal Player has been thought not to be obsolete anymore. Software is easily updatable by a single mouse click, get new features, and hardware can be updated just swapping its mainboards.
Apart from the 1U 19" rackmount device, 2 rack fastening plates and 6 screws, an EU 5V power supply, a 1 meter SSTP Cat6 ethernet cable and a 1 meter BNC cable for the 3G-SDI outputs.
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